The Attic Lisbon Bedside

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CATEGORY: Sideboard
ITEM NO: KL-2230
MATERIAL: Mango Wood + Cane
COLOUR: Black + Cane
ASSEMBLY:  DIY  ( Do It Yourself ).

DIMENSIONS(cms): 45(L) X 35(W) X 50(H)
WARRANTY: 1-Year Warranty against manufacturing defects. 5 Years against borer/termite
DELIVERY: 3- 5 Weeks

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The Attic Lisbon Bedside: Nighttime Nostalgia with Modern Grace

In every home, certain spaces and pieces form the cradle of comfort and solace. The bedroom, being one such haven, deserves furniture that merges serenity with style. Enter The Attic Lisbon Bedside—a nightstand that reflects the mystique of Lisbon’s cobblestone streets while catering to modern-day bedside needs.

Dreams Laced with Lisbon’s Legacy

The charm of Lisbon is legendary. From its ancient towers to the gentle lullaby of the Tagus River, the city is a patchwork of memories and modernity. The Attic Lisbon Bedside aims to encapsulate this very essence, bringing a hint of Lisbon’s enchantment to your bedtime routine.

A Blend of Elegance and Utility

With its design deeply rooted in Lisbon’s architectural marvels, this bedside table offers more than just a pretty facade. Its structured silhouette is complemented by functional drawers, perfect for storing bedtime reads, essentials, or those little knick-knacks that need a place close to your resting space.

Craftsmanship in Every Corner

True to The Attic’s ethos, the Lisbon Bedside is handcrafted. Each detail, from its elegantly tapered legs to the finely carved patterns, echoes the meticulous labor of artisans who understand the balance of form and function.

Contemporary Comforts

While the design may transport you to the streets of historic Lisbon, the table’s features are decidedly modern. Smooth drawer glides, a stable surface for your night lamp or morning alarm, and a finish that resists the trials of time—all ensure that it’s a piece built for today’s homes.

Sustainability: A Thoughtful Touch

Mirroring Lisbon’s verdant gardens and parks, The Attic’s commitment to eco-friendly craftsmanship shines through. The wood used for the Lisbon Bedside is responsibly sourced, and the finishes are both durable and environmentally conscious.

Preserving the Bedside Beauty

To maintain its pristine condition and charm, a simple dusting routine with a soft cloth is all it requires. It’s also best to protect it from direct sunlight and to ensure any spills are wiped immediately, preserving the luster and longevity of this beautiful piece.

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  1. Anila

    Got these beautiful cane bedside tables. Quality is great, easy to install and looks super cool

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