The Attic Oslo Sideboard: Solid Wood Kitchen and Living Room Storage | Walnut Matte Finish

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CATEGORY: Sideboard
MATERIAL: Iron + Mango Wood
COLOUR: Walnut
ASSEMBLY: Simple DIY(Do-It-Yourself).

DIMENSIONS(cms): 145(L) X 40(W) X 75(H)
WARRANTY: 1 Year Warranty against manufacturing defects. 5 Years against borer/termite
DELIVERY: 3-5 Weeks

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Introducing the Attic Oslo Sideboard: a functional and stylish storage solution for your kitchen or living room. Crafted with the utmost care, this sideboard offers a perfect combination of practicality and aesthetic appeal. Made from solid wood and finished in a rich walnut matte, the Attic Oslo Sideboard is designed to enhance your space with its natural beauty.

With ample storage space, the Oslo Sideboard provides a versatile solution for organizing your kitchen essentials or displaying cherished items in your living room. The spacious cabinets and drawers offer convenient storage options, allowing you to keep your space clutter-free and organized.

Constructed from solid wood, this sideboard guarantees durability and longevity, ensuring that it will withstand the test of time. The natural grain patterns of the wood add a touch of warmth and character to the overall design, creating a welcoming atmosphere in your home.

The walnut matte finish adds a touch of sophistication and elegance, effortlessly blending with various interior styles. Whether your home decor leans towards modern, rustic, or transitional, the Attic Oslo Sideboard complements a wide range of aesthetics, becoming a timeless piece that ties your room together.

Beyond its functional qualities, the Attic Oslo Sideboard is designed to make a statement. Its clean lines and minimalist design exude a sense of understated elegance, allowing it to seamlessly integrate into any space without overpowering the existing decor.

Upgrade your storage options with the Attic Oslo Sideboard. Embrace the beauty of solid wood craftsmanship and the warmth of the walnut matte finish. Experience the perfect balance of functionality and style with this versatile piece of furniture, and transform your kitchen or living room into a well-organized and visually appealing space.

1 review for The Attic Oslo Sideboard: Solid Wood Kitchen and Living Room Storage | Walnut Matte Finish

  1. Abhijeet

    Excellent quality and craftsmanship along with exceptional after sales service . Bravo

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