The Attic Oneworld Six Seater Dining Set In Multicolor


CATEGORY: 6 Seater Dining Table
ITEM NO: KL-2222
MATERIAL: Recycled Wood
COLOUR: Multicolor
ASSEMBLY: DIY ( Do It Yourself ).

DIMENSIONS(cms): 160(L) X 80(W) X 78(H),
DIMENSIONS(cms): 40(L) X 41(W) X 93(H)

WARRANTY: 1-Year Warranty against manufacturing defects. 5 Years against borer/termite
DELIVERY: 1-2 Weeks


The Attic Oneworld Six Seater Dining Set in Multicolor is a vibrant and captivating ensemble that brings an eclectic and artistic flair to your dining space. Uniquely designed to stand out, this dining set is a celebration of diverse cultures and styles, offering a visual feast that will undoubtedly spark conversations and admiration from your guests.

At the core of this set is a spacious rectangular dining table, expertly crafted to showcase a blend of multicolored finishes. Each part of the table boasts its own distinct color, creating a mesmerizing mosaic that represents the rich tapestry of cultures from around the world. The harmonious fusion of colors not only adds a lively and cheerful touch to your dining room but also exemplifies the beauty of diversity and individuality.

The table’s sturdy construction ensures stability and durability, allowing it to serve as a focal point for gatherings, meals, and special occasions with family and friends. The artistic design of the table makes it a true work of art, inspiring creativity and adding an element of surprise to your dining area.

Accompanying the table are six exquisitely designed dining chairs, each adorned with a unique combination of colors that complements the table’s captivating design. These chairs are crafted with comfort in mind, featuring ergonomically shaped seats and supportive backrests to provide a pleasant and enjoyable dining experience.

The Attic Oneworld Six Seater Dining Set is more than just a dining ensemble; it’s an expression of individuality and an appreciation for the beauty of cultural diversity. It embraces the idea that each element, though different in color and style, can come together to create a harmonious and eye-catching whole.

If you’re looking to infuse your dining space with a sense of adventure and artistry, the Attic Oneworld Six Seater Dining Set in Multicolor is the perfect choice. It offers a unique and captivating dining experience, where each meal becomes an opportunity to celebrate diversity, embrace creativity, and share joy with your loved ones. Unleash your imagination and create a truly extraordinary dining room that reflects your vibrant personality and appreciation for the world’s many colors and cultures.