The Attic New Orleans Cupboard ( Walnut Finish )


CATEGORY: Wardrobe
MATERIAL: Mango Wood
COLOUR: Walnut
ASSEMBLY: Pre-assembled, this product is pre-assembled and does not require any assembly.

DIMENSIONS(cms): 75(L) X 50(W) X 180(H)
WARRANTY: 1-Year Warranty against manufacturing defects. 5 Years against borer/termite
DELIVERY: 1-2 Weeks

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Introducing the Attic New Orleans Cupboard in a beautiful walnut finish, a versatile storage solution for your home. This cupboard combines functionality and style to enhance your living space while providing ample storage for your belongings.

The Attic New Orleans Cupboard offers a spacious interior with multiple compartments and shelves, allowing you to organize and store a variety of items. Whether you need to store books, home decor, dinnerware, or other essentials, this cupboard provides the perfect storage solution. The shelves can be adjusted to accommodate items of different sizes, giving you flexibility in arranging your belongings.

Constructed with quality in mind, the Attic New Orleans Cupboard is built to last. It is crafted from durable materials, ensuring long-lasting performance and durability. The walnut finish adds a touch of elegance and sophistication, making it a stylish addition to any room in your home.

With its versatile design, the Attic New Orleans Cupboard blends seamlessly with different decor styles. Whether you have a modern, traditional, or transitional interior, this cupboard complements the existing aesthetics of your space. The walnut finish adds warmth and richness, creating a welcoming atmosphere.

In addition to its functional storage capabilities, the Attic New Orleans Cupboard is designed with attention to detail. It features sturdy handles and smooth hinges for easy opening and closing. The compact and space-saving design makes it suitable for various rooms, such as the living room, dining area, bedroom, or hallway.

Upgrade your home with the Attic New Orleans Cupboard in a walnut finish, offering ample storage and a touch of elegance. Experience the perfect combination of functionality and style, keeping your belongings organized while adding a sophisticated touch to your living space.