The Attic Lisbon Sideboard


CATEGORY: Sideboard
ITEM NO: KL-2228
MATERIAL: Mango Wood + Cane
COLOUR: Black + Cane
ASSEMBLY: DIY ( Do It Yourself ).

DIMENSIONS(cms): 180(L) X 40(W) X 80(H)
WARRANTY: 1-Year Warranty against manufacturing defects. 5 Years against borer/termite
DELIVERY: 3- 5 Weeks

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The Attic Lisbon Sideboard: A Masterpiece of Functionality and Elegance

Every so often, a piece of furniture graces our interiors, effortlessly blurring the lines between art and functionality. The Attic Lisbon Sideboard is one such creation, emanating an old-world charm yet perfectly tailored for contemporary living.

Rooted in Heritage

Lisbon, the vibrant capital of Portugal, is a city steeped in history, adorned with architectural marvels, and rich with tales of voyages and discoveries. Drawing inspiration from this enchanting city, The Attic Lisbon Sideboard is a celebration of Lisbon’s soulful essence, encapsulated in a furniture piece.

Distinctive Craftsmanship

Every Attic Lisbon Sideboard is a testament to unparalleled craftsmanship. Created by artisans who have inherited age-old woodworking techniques, each sideboard boasts intricate detailing, meticulous carvings, and a finish that speaks of countless hours spent perfecting each curve and corner.

Contemporary Functionality

Beyond its ornate appearance, the Lisbon Sideboard shines in its role as a practical storage solution. Equipped with spacious cabinets and smoothly gliding drawers, it effortlessly houses your essentials, from delicate chinaware to linens and more. Its expansive top surface, meanwhile, offers a canvas for displaying decorative pieces, framed photos, or even a vase of fresh flowers.

Timeless Elegance

While the design of the Lisbon Sideboard pays homage to the grandeur of the past, it’s versatile enough to complement a range of interior styles. Whether placed in a room echoing classical elegance or a space leaning towards modern minimalism, the sideboard seamlessly melds with its surroundings.

Durability Meets Beauty

Constructed using high-quality, seasoned wood, The Attic Lisbon Sideboard is not just about aesthetics; it’s built to last. The choice of materials ensures that this piece remains a part of your interior narrative for years, standing resolute through seasons and trends.

Caring for Your Sideboard

To maintain its pristine condition, regular dusting with a soft cloth is recommended. It’s also advisable to avoid direct exposure to sunlight or placing hot items directly on its surface, ensuring the sideboard’s longevity and preserving its beauty.