The Attic Hepburn Four Seater Dining Set In Honey Finish


CATEGORY: 4 Seater Dining Table
ITEM NO: KL-2216
MATERIAL: Sheesham Wood
ASSEMBLY: Pre-assembled, this product is pre-assembled and does not require any assembly.

DIMENSIONS(cms): 119(L) X 76(W) X 76(H),
DIMENSIONS For Chair (cms): 48(L) X 48(W) X 81(H)
WARRANTY: 1-Year Warranty against manufacturing defects. 5 Years against borer/termite
DELIVERY: 1-2 Weeks


The Attic Hepburn Four Seater Dining Set is a stunning and elegant addition to any dining space. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this set exudes sophistication and timeless charm.

The dining table serves as the centerpiece of the set, featuring a sleek rectangular design with clean lines and a rich walnut finish. The smooth surface provides ample space for placing your culinary creations or hosting a delightful dinner party. Its sturdy construction ensures durability and longevity, making it perfect for everyday use or special occasions.

Accompanying the table are four Hepburn dining chairs, designed with both comfort and style in mind. Upholstered in plush, high-quality fabric, the chairs offer a cozy seating experience. The curved backrests provide excellent support, allowing you to relax and enjoy your meals in utmost comfort. The elegant tapered legs add a touch of sophistication, while the matching walnut finish harmonizes perfectly with the table.

Not only does the Attic Hepburn Four Seater Dining Set offer exceptional aesthetics, but it also prioritizes practicality. The compact design is well-suited for smaller dining areas, optimizing space utilization without compromising on elegance. Whether it’s a cozy family dinner or an intimate gathering with friends, this set creates a warm and inviting atmosphere for memorable dining experiences.

With its timeless appeal and exceptional craftsmanship, the Attic Hepburn Four Seater Dining Set effortlessly combines functionality and style. Transform your dining area into a refined and inviting space where you can savor delicious meals and create cherished memories with your loved ones.