The Attic Georgia Sideboard

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CATEGORY: Sideboard
ITEM NO: KL-2251
MATERIAL: Mango Wood
COLOUR: Black + Natural
ASSEMBLY:  Pre-assembled, This product is pre-assembled and does not require any assembly..

DIMENSIONS(cms): 130(L) X 40(W) X 80(H)
WARRANTY: 1-Year Warranty against manufacturing defects. 5 Years against borer/termite
DELIVERY: 3- 5 Weeks

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The Attic Georgia Sideboard: Southern Elegance in Every Detail

There are pieces of furniture that whisper tales of regions, encapsulating the essence of places and their historical charm. The Attic Georgia Sideboard stands proudly as a tribute to the deep-rooted beauty and grace of the American South.

Embodying the Heart of Georgia

The state of Georgia, with its sweeping landscapes, magnolia-lined streets, and an intricate dance of history and modernity, is a wellspring of inspiration. The Attic Georgia Sideboard captures this spirit, reflecting the warmth, hospitality, and refined elegance synonymous with the Peach State.

Classic Charm with Contemporary Flair

Marrying timeless design elements with modern aesthetics, the Georgia Sideboard is a visual delight. Its sophisticated silhouette, adorned with intricate detailing reminiscent of Georgian architecture, is complemented by the sleek finish and modern touches that cater to today’s interior design sensibilities.

Crafted with Passion

Beyond its beauty, the Georgia Sideboard stands as a testament to artisanal dedication. Crafted by skilled hands, each cut, curve, and carving on the sideboard speaks volumes of the meticulous care and passion invested in its creation. This isn’t merely a furniture piece—it’s craftsmanship at its finest.

Practical Elegance

The Attic Georgia Sideboard effortlessly bridges the gap between form and function. Beneath its elegant facade lies ample storage space, designed to accommodate everything from cherished heirlooms to everyday essentials. Its drawers and cabinets come together to offer both accessibility and organization.

Sustainability at its Core

In the spirit of Georgia’s lush landscapes and commitment to nature, the sideboard is crafted with an emphasis on sustainability. Using responsibly sourced wood and eco-friendly finishes, it stands as a testament that beauty and responsibility can indeed coexist.

Caring for the Georgian Gem

To maintain the sideboard’s resplendent charm, regular dusting with a soft cloth is recommended. It benefits from protection against direct sunlight and excessive moisture. Occasional gentle polishing ensures that its sheen remains undiminished through the years.

2 reviews for The Attic Georgia Sideboard

  1. Bhumika

    Classic Style: I love the classic style. It gives a timeless look to my home décor.

  2. Vikrant

    bsolutely love the quality of the product and the finishing on it, The packaging was top notch and very sturdy!
    The wood quality is best you can get and the work on the cabinet is beautiful.
    Definitely will be buying more furniture from the attic,

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