At The Attic, we invite you to go on a journey in search of unique exotic furniture…

We come from the home of artisans, Jodhpur (Rajasthan)

We are second-generation manufacturers and our love for solid wood has inspired us to create a range of rustic, industrial, vintage and contemporary furniture since 1995.

Our furniture has been designed in collaboration with designers from across the country in the respect of understanding the needs of our valued customers.

It is our constant endeavour to meet your desires because you are at the centre of everything we do, of everything we create and everything we aspire to become.

After all, the final destination is your home, where these pieces of furniture will add a touch of warmth, quality and escape. 

We are focused on adhering to sustainable development and limiting our carbon footprint.

All the Wood species used are FSC certified, ie Forest Stewardship Council, an environmental label, which ensures that the production of wood or a wood-based product respects procedures guaranteeing sustainable forest management.